Dad interrupted on live TV: the 5 best moments 


The wife slide

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You can just picture the conversation before the interview.  Right darling, I’m off to do a serious interview on live TV. Could you just keep the kids occupied for 3 or 4 minutes while I’m on.  Instead, with both kids now live on TV, Kelly’s wife, Jung-a Kim, makes it a hat trick of interruption with an entrance that none other than a mother in complete panic could make.  She slides into the scene clearly horrified that her kids have disturbed Daddy’s moment on TV.

Once in the room she makes quick work of dragging the kids back out of the room clearly trying (and failing) to stay out of shot.  There has been criticism of her handling of the kids, particularly the daughter but clearly these people have never had to remove a toddler from anywhere in a hurry, let alone from interrupting live TV.

Image credit: BBC News:

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