Increase your chances of getting pregnant with these tips

Know your cycle

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You can try all you like to conceive if you don’t have sex at the right time there is no chance it will happen. Conception involves the fertilisation of an egg. You will release an egg on 1 day during your cycle. The trick is to know which day or at the very least around which day.  To know when your egg is being released means knowing when you ovulate. Ovulation generally occurs mid cycle so when dealing with a standard 28 day cycle on or around day 14. However not everyone has a standard cycle.

To increase your chances of conception it is useful to know how long your average cycle is. If you don’t know then begin tracking it. Ovulation generally occurs 14 days before your next period starts so if you have a 32 day cycle it is likely you ovulated around day 18.

There are also some symptoms that occur mid cycle when ovulation is occurring that you can watch out for. Cramping on one side, a change in cervical mucous – it turns egg white like – and a change in basal body temperature.

Why not check out an online ovulation calculator to predict when you my be ovulating.  In addition you can purchase Ovulation Predictor kits to determine ovulation more accurately and also there are a range of apps available to download to track cycles and predict fertile days.

Ovulation calendar


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