Oldest mothers from around the world


Omkari Panwar

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Omkari and her husband Charan Singh Panwar, a retired farmer from Uttar pradesh in Northern India, welcomed twins in 2008 when Omkari was 70-years old. Unfortunately their daughter, Barssat, passed away at age 4 but their son, Amritwani is strong and doing well. They already have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren but wanted a son and heir. In order to afford IVF treatment they decided to mortgage their land, sell their buffalo, spend their life savings and on top of that took out a loan. In regards to what will happen to Amritwani once they pass away Omkari said, “I am not worried. After my death my daughter will take care of my son. I wish my son gets married very quickly and we both can be present at his wedding.”


Photo credit: Youtube.com

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