Tips for making the morning routine easier


Work backwards

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Not literally work backwards but to get anywhere on time the key is to start at your end time. What time do you need to be where you are going? Then work back with target times in between.

So in the case of school lets say the kids need to be there at 9am. Working backwards if it is a 10 minute walk to school then the target time leaving the house is 8.45am which builds in 5 minutes in case of tired legs or other distractions. Working backwards again if you allow 10 minutes to brush teeth and grab bags and jackets that means 8.35am everyone has to be finished breakfast.

Allowing whatever time you need for breakfast, say 20 minutes, means everyone needs to be ready for breakfast at 8.15am and you can now determine what time everyone needs to be out of bed to ensure everyone is ready for that time.

Everyone’s target times will be different depending on your personal schedule but if you determine your own and stick to them you will never be late again.


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