Youngest mothers of all time


Griseldina Acuna

There isn’t much information recorded about the young mother Griseldina Acuna from Columbia, but according to various sources Griseldina started menstruating when she was only 3 years old. When she was 8 years and 2 months on September 13, 1936 she gave birth to her baby boy who weighed 5 lb. The father is said to have been a family friend.


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“H” was from Delhi, India and also gave birth through cesarean section but she was only 6 year and 7 months old when her daughter was born in 1932. Initially her parents took her into to see the doctor as she complained of lower abdominal pain and they thought it could potentially be a tumour. It turned out that was hardly the case. Unlike some of the previous stories, “H” hadn’t menstruated yet and her breasts hadn’t yet fully developed. The child though was healthy when she was born and she reportedly breastfed her for 9 months.