Largest families from across the globe

Bates Family

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In east Tennessee there is a family that seem to keep on growing, and you can even tune in to watch if you want to satisfy your curiosity in seeing what that chaos might look like. 51-year old Gil and 50-year old  Kelly have 19 kids together and shared their journey on the TLC reality show in United Bates of America which went on for 8 episodes in 2010. Then in 2014 they announced their new show, Bringing Up Bates which has continued to air. In regards to why they chose to have such a large family, they are evangelical Christians and decided to put their “trust in God” with regards to how large their family was going to be. All the children are home-schooled and none of them are twins or triplets. Due to their family size, they became close friends with the next family on the list who have a similar size family, the Duggar family.


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