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Duggar Family

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Michelle and Jim were married at ages 17 and 19 respectively, and soon after they got married they knew they wanted to have children. At first they used contraceptives but then after a miscarriage they stopped as they thought that that was God’s way of punishing them for using contraceptives. From then on they decided to let God choose how large their family would turn out. The Duggar family from Tontitown, Arkansas now have 19 children and had many fans that watched their journey during TLC’s (17), (18), 19 Kids and Counting. This TV sensation lasted from 2008 until 2015 when it was cancelled after one of their sons publicly apologised for sexual molestation of a number of girls including one of their daughters when he was a teenager. The older children though have continued to be in the spotlight after they started the spin off show Counting On.


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