Youngest mothers of all time

Puberty is the time when one’s body starts maturing and preparing itself for sexual reproduction. While everyone reaches this at different times, the average age for girls is usually between 10 to 14. But in some very rare cases these children not only reached puberty at a young age but also became mothers soon after. Here are 7 of the youngest mothers ever that were still young children themselves when they started having their own children.


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Wanwisa Janmuk

Wanwisa Janmuk is from the northern province of Phetchabun in Thailand where she was married off at the tender age of 8 to a 27-year old man. At that time this was a legal marriage in the eyes of the Thai government with the approval of their parents but the age has since increased to 17. By the time she was 9 in 2001 she had given birth to her baby girl in a local hospital and became the youngest Asian mother.